Keeping up the good work

Upon his return on Friday evening from a recently concluded meeting in Jamaica, Minister of Education Anthony Garcia immediately wished to commend and thank the principals, teachers, emergency response teams, citizens and students who have all worked together to restore our schools to a sense of normalcy.

Minister Garcia stated "For the four (4) days that I was away I kept abreast of all that has been happening with our schools and I knew for certain that I had to say a heartfelt thank you to all who have worked with our schools as shelters, with relief items, with cleaning and sanitization and in any way that has brought us to this point. I know that we are not one hundred percent (100%) where we need to be but we have a good start to getting there."

Minister Garcia also went on to emphasize that the work of the Ministry has not, and will not stop. The Ministry will be hosting the launch and roll-out of the revised National School Code of Conduct on Friday 9th November 2018 and later in the month of November will be hosting the Tobago session of the Public Consultation on the Draft Education Policy 2017-2022.

The Ministry will continue all efforts for strategic collaboration with stakeholders to ensure that the Nation's children access only the best quality of education Trinidad and Tobago can offer.


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