Irresponsible and dangerous behaviour of Devant Maharaj condemned

Devant Maharaj has once again engaged in irresponsible, deplorable and destructive behaviour designed to destabilize the good governance of Trinidad and Tobago.

The publication by Devant Maharaj of the personal contact information of the Honourable Prime Minister is an all time low and worthy of criminal investigation. He has continued inciting people to use the Prime Minister’s information to, at a minimum, harass the Prime Minister and at a maximum, expose him to harm.

This individual, who identifies himself as a former U.N.C. office holder, has been engaging in despicable and dangerous behaviour for some time now.

He has also today (08.12.18) been circulating calls for protest action in a way which is worthy of criminal investigation and may qualify as the serious crime of sedition.

I consider his recent actions to be dangerous and a clear indication of the Opposition’s desperation and confirmatory of the type of destructive actions that they, and in particular he, engages in.

It is plainly wrong and even dangerous to circulate, publicly, the private information of any citizen, and that includes, public officers.

This action by Devant Maharaj is condemned and should be rejected by all civic minded citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.


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