Introduction of change fee to the domestic air bridge

As a responsible corporate partner in Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Airlines continuously looks for ways to enhance the travel experience for its customers and improve its operations. This includes the domestic air bridge as it is an important part of our business and plays a key role in the provision of transport services between Trinidad and Tobago.

In keeping with this commitment, Caribbean Airlines will introduce a change fee of TT$ 50.00 (one-way) from December 12, 2017 on domestic flights for changes to flight and/or date by the passenger. The implementation of this Change Fee will support our efforts to improve the efficacy of service to our customers.

As at November 26, 2017, Caribbean Airlines provided 1,025,694 seats on the air bridge, of which 876,825 seats were utilised by travellers. Of the latter figure, (data generated from March 24, 2017 to present) 186,586 were passengers who did not travel on their originally scheduled flight, i.e. passengers not holding a booking for the specific day and time they wished to travel. For the same period in 2016, the airline provided 1,061,800 seats on the air bridge with 853,763 being utilised.

The provision of a safe and reliable air bridge service is a priority for Caribbean Airlines and the airline recognises that it is a critical part of the transport service for Trinidad and Tobago. Caribbean Airlines is also focussed on operating efficiently and effectively. The implementation of this Change Fee will help manage the airline’s bookings and ensure that its customers are served in a more efficient manner.

The Change Fee will apply to tickets purchased on and from December 12, 2017 and the sale of open tickets will be discontinued, with immediate effect.

Other terms and conditions: -

  • The Change Fee is applicable one way, for each change of flight / date on the air bridge.
  • Tickets are valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase and the Change Fee carries the validity of the ticket.
  • Payment of the Change Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Caribbean Airlines thanks its stakeholders for their continued support and co-operation as it improves its business operations to better serve its customers. Further details are provided on



1. When will the Change Fee take effect?

ANSWER: The Change Fee will apply to tickets purchased ON and FROM December 12,

2017. Tickets purchased BEFORE December 12, 2017 WILL NOT BE AFFECTED.


2. How much is the Change Fee?

ANSWER: The Change Fee is TT$50 one way on the domestic air bridge between Trinidad and Tobago. The fee is valid for ONE YEAR from the date of payment.


3. Why is Caribbean Airlines implementing this fee?

ANSWER: Caribbean Airlines has been conducting a detailed review of our network as we work towards improving service standards for our customers. Arising out of our review, we recommended certain strategic initiatives to enable the airline to better serve our valued customers who use the domestic Air Bridge. One of the recommendations was the introduction of the TT$50 (one-way) Change Fee on domestic flights.


4. Will Value Added Tax (VAT) be applied to this fee?

ANSWER: No. Value Added Tax will NOT be applied


5. Are there any tickets that will be exempt from this fee?

ANSWER: Yes. INFANT tickets (under 2 years of age) are exempt. However, the fee is

applicable to all other tickets (adults and children).


6. What happens if I want to make a change to the date and/or time of a ticket purchased

after December 12, 2017?

ANSWER: Any customer holding a confirmed ticket purchased ON or AFTER December 12, 2017 can change the date by:

1. Calling Caribbean Airlines Sales and Service Centre

2. Visiting any Caribbean Airlines ticket office

3. Using the Caribbean Airlines website (ONLY IF THE ORIGINAL TICKET WAS


Once the new flight time and date are available, the customer can pay the fee and make the new booking. The $50 fee is applied and the ticket is reissued with a new confirmed itinerary. The Change Fee carries the validity of the ticket.


7. Can a Customer purchase an OPEN ticket to travel on the Domestic Air Bridge?

ANSWER: Effective December 12, 2017 confirmed reservations will be required for ALL tickets issued on the Air Bridge. The sale of Open Tickets will be discontinued from November 29, 2017.


8. What happens if the Customer cannot get a confirmed flight for date and time


ANSWER: If this happens, the Customer can opt to purchase a ticket for the next available flight. The TT$50 fee WILL APPLY. Alternatively, the customer may of their own volition go to the airport. However, there are no guarantees that he /she will get the flight and time requested.


9. What happens if the Customer has no ticket and no booking in the system and comes to the airport?

ANSWER: The Customer will be redirected to Caribbean Airlines Airport Ticket Office or the website where he/she can purchase a ticket on next available flight. The Change Fee will then be applied and the customer will be redirected to the check-in counter for listing and possible acceptance.


10. Does the fee apply if a Customer comes to the Airport holding a confirmed ticket for a previous or future date, and wishes to travel immediately?

ANSWER: YES. The TT$50 fee will apply. The ticket will be reissued and the future booking cancelled. The passenger will be listed on Standby for possible acceptance.


11. What happens if a Customer comes to the Airport holding a confirmed ticket for an

earlier or later flight of the same day?

ANSWER: The TT$50 fee will apply. The ticket will be reissued and the future date booking cancelled. The passenger will be listed on standby for possible acceptance.

If the passenger does not get on the requested flight, the $50 is non- refundable. However, it is valid for one (1) year from date of purchase.


12. Does this fee have to be paid if the flight is changed by Caribbean Airlines?

ANSWER: No. The fee does NOT apply if the flight is changed by Caribbean Airlines.


13. What will happen when there are delays and/or disruptions resulting in changes to

flight times by Caribbean?

ANSWER: The Change Fee WILL NOT APPLY when there are disruptions and/or delays for which the airline is responsible.


14. Does the Change Fee apply if a Customer is on a flight which is cancelled by the


ANSWER: NO fee applies, if the Customer is on a cancelled flight at the Airport. If a passenger decides not to travel they will be redirected to ticket office so notification can be placed on file for future date.


15. Does the fee apply if the Customer is late due to Caribbean Airlines and missed onward connections?

ANSWER: NO fee applies.



i. What happens to bookings issued by Travel Agencies?

ANSWER: If a travel agent issues a ticket using the Web, the change can be made ONLINE. It will be a reissue transaction.


ii. With a Booking made in the GDS system, the fee can be collected and the ticket reissued as is presently done.



i. Will the Club Caribbean Waiver of Date Change Penalty Voucher be accepted for

changes to flights when travelling between Trinidad and Tobago?

ANSWER: Yes, however, all change requests must be made directly via the Caribbean Airlines Reservations Call Centre, the Club Caribbean desk or Caribbean Airlines ticket offices located in Trinidad or Tobago prior to check-in at airport.


ii. If a Club Caribbean member or travel agent acting on behalf of a member contacts the

Reservations Call Centre, identifies him/herself as a Club Member/travel coordinator and

requests redemption of voucher towards the cost of the change fee, what will be the

process to handle request?

ANSWER: The Reservations agent retrieves the member’s account, validates that he/she is a Club member, verifies the status of voucher allocation and once voucher is available, accepts request for change in reservations and updates the passenger’s booking with the voucher number used as authorization to waive applicable date change fee.

The voucher status will be change to “USED” in the system and the ticket will be revalidated for the new travel flight and date. The Member can then check- in for the flight and no further action is required at the Airport.


iii. Can the Club Caribbean Waiver of Date Change Penalty voucher be tendered post travel and any Change Fee paid refunded by Caribbean Airlines?

ANSWER: No. Club Caribbean Waiver of Date Change Penalty vouchers are only valid for redemption prior to flight departure and any fees paid in lieu of same may not be refunded.


iv. If changes are required to both flight sectors on a return ticket, how many vouchers are required?

ANSWER: If both flights are on the same ticket and both flights are changed simultaneously and new reservations requested are confirmed at the time of request, then one voucher may be accepted for both changes. Any further change requested at a later date will require a new voucher to be redeemed. Once a voucher has been redeemed and the status changed to used, the same voucher may not be used to facilitate another change even if it is to the same ticket.



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