Improved care for cancer patients in Tobago

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April 11, 2017: The Executive Council approved the establishment of a sustainable Public / Private Partnership (P.P.P) for Cancer Care in Tobago between the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development (DHWFD) and the Private Sector and the development of a Palliative Care Centre on the Island by the DHWFD and the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA).

The P.P.P will provide holistic cancer treatment for cancer patients in Trinidad and Tobago and it will particularly provide the first, publicly funded Cancer Treatment Centre on the Island. It will also provide a convenient service for Tobagonian cancer patients and their families. Services at the Centre will include a Screening Clinic for Cancers, an Oncology Clinic and a Radiation Therapy Department. The P.P.P will include the construction and equipping of the Cancer Centre by the private sector and the reimbursement of the cost of cancer treatment services provided to Tobago residents by the Tobago House of Assembly. The P.P.P will be operationalized by the DHWFD and the TRHA in collaboration with the Division of Finance and the Economy. Requests for proposals will be issued by 30th April, 2017.

The Palliative Care Centre will provide specialized medical care for cancer patients and persons with other serious illnesses. The Centre and its programme will focus on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of illnesses by a specially trained team of doctors, nurses and other specialists. The development of this Centre will expand the services currently provided by the Palliative Care Team and will be operationalized by 30th June, 2017.




For further information please contact:

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868-639-3395 Ext. 7271/7272

Tobago Regional Health Authority
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