HDC takes action on infractions and breaches at Oropune Gardens

July 10, 2019

Following a visit to Oropune Gardens on Saturday April 27 2019, the HDC Managing Director, Brent Lyons and executives confirmed the existence of reported homeowner infractions and breaches in the community. During that interface, the HDC team spoke directly with the residents who are in breach of the homeowner’s rules and advised them to treat with the situation before the HDC has to resort to its final position of demolition and/or eviction. Letters were also routinely issued to many of the residents, reiterating the HDC’s position.

Today, after ensuring that due process was followed, the HDC’s Security Department with support from the TT Police Service, went to Oropune Gardens to begin the removal of illegal structures within the community, beginning with a popular hardware and “liming spot”.

Over the past year, the HDC has observed and has been taking note of the major breaches made in this community and therefore wishes to urge all those who are in breach and those who would have previously received correspondence from the HDC, to do the right thing and remedy the situation before the HDC takes further action.

The HDC continues to underscore that the problems facing Oropune Gardens require a multi-agency, multi-pronged approach to arrive at a resolution. We are committed to treating with all issues which fall under our remit and welcome the cooperation of other agencies to resolve issues which are outside of our remit and responsibility.

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