Government hear from municipal corporations

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government hosted a meeting at the City Hall Auditorium, San Fernando in which it invited the Chief Executive Officers of all fourteen (14) Municipal Corporations to present on the status of their funding and projects.

The objective was to determine what limitations the Municipal Corporations face regarding funding their development projects as well as meeting their needs for goods and services. CEOs were therefore given the opportunity to present on the Development Programme, Recurrent Expenditures, Requested and Received releases, and limitations as it related to their Municipalities.

Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government’s Permanent Secretary and Heads of Unit also briefed the meeting regarding its own proposed projects which will benefit the Municipal Corporations, and provided feedback on the presentations in order to deepen the dialogue and discuss solutions that will bring the greatest benefit to their burgesses.

Chief Executive Officer for the San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation (SJLRC), Mr. Jameel Chadee-Ameeral compared CEOs to diamonds - forged under pressure - in acknowledgement of the hard-work and great responsibility that comes with being the accounting officer for a Municipal Corporation.

Minister Haji Kazim Hosein delivered the feature address and encouraged CEOs to maintain good working relationships with their Mayors and Chairmen, as elected local government representatives rely on their good and sound advice. "The only way forward for us is to work together for the benefit of the people – our motto is ‘Putting People First.’ In the interest of continuing the implementation of local government reform, we must continue with dialogues like this one so we can make the Corporations more efficient, and help one another. "

The meeting took place on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. 

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