Government discusses 21st century governance initiative with CTO

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is exploring the possibility of becoming one of the pioneers in CARICOM of delivering public services to citizens via information communication technologies (ICT). 

This will provide citizens with the ease of applying for everyday documents and government services such as a birth certificates, drivers’ permits and even conducting activities such as registering a business from remote locations. 

The Honourable Camille Robinson-Regis, Minister of Planning and Development held discussions on February 3rd with General Secretary Ms. Bernadette Lewis and other representatives of the Caribbean Telecommunication Union (CTU) focusing on the benefits of citizens becoming fully connected to Government via the 21st Century Government Initiative.  The 21st Century Government is one that makes effective use of ICT to deliver services to its citizens and its internal and external clients, including investors and the private sector. This thrust will fulfil CARICOM’s vision for a Single ICT Space, for common frameworks and platforms to be used across the region to improve the quality of services offered to our citizens.

Ms. Lewis presented the possibility of the Trinidad and Tobago Government being the champion of this 21st Century Government Initiative within the CARICOM, fostering unity and connectivity amongst the 20 CARICOM Nations that are members of the Union.  The main goal of 21st Century Government, is to accelerate government and public service transformation and thereby strengthen economic competitiveness and promote sustainable development. 

This ICT driven model aims to promote a unified people first system with everything Government related at the users’ fingertips.  According to the CTU, governments who sign on to this system will be characterised by citizen-centric, seamless, open, interactive and efficient processes and will make effective use of information and communication technologies to deliver services to citizens, as well as  internal and external clients.  

The context of Minister Regis’ meeting with the CTU is in tangent with Trinidad and Tobago’s National Development Strategy, VISION 2030’s Information Communication Technology Goals which envisions a future where Trinidad and Tobago will have a modern and well-maintained ICT systemThe goal aims to provide citizens with high speed, affordable broadband connectivity, have a robust and reliable ICT infrastructure that will boost national transportation and public utility systems. It is expected that with this robust ICT system there will be enhanced integration of ICTs into education and business development and allow for greater use of technology in homes.

If adapted the 21st Century Governance initiative poses to be a major milestone on the path to Vision 2030’s goal of Trinidad and Tobago having a modern and well-maintained ICT system.


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