Garbage Collectors urged to work with local government practitioners for the benefit of the people

Following complaints received from across the island about the lack of regular garbage collection and garbage pile-ups in certain communities, Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Kazim Hosein, is seeking to rectify this issue.

He is calling on both garbage collection contractors and the Municipal Corporations to do their part in ensuring clean communities. “Pile-ups of residential garbage can lead to a whole host of public health hazards, from vermin and rodents, to bad smells, to even injury. I have received numerous complaints of household garbage not being picked up on a regular basis. Palmiste residents called me personally to complain that they had to take their garbage to Palmiste Park to be collected as it was just accumulating on their streets.”

The Minister is urging garbage collection contractors to do the job that they are paid to carry out, but he is going further to appeal to the Municipal Corporations to bring better management to this service and ensure that works are being completed. And when works are not completed, conduct proper investigations on why and get them resolved. “Some contractors have said that they have to pay to enter certain communities to pick up garbage, or that they are chased out by some residents, or don't feel safe entering some communities. In these cases, I am calling on the Mayors and Chairmen to engage the Municipal Police to lend support so that this essential service can be completed uninterrupted.”

Minister Hosein also spoke out strongly against illegal dumping, “Every bottle or KFC box that gets thrown out of a car window contributes to flooding because these items end up in a drain or a river and cause blockages. Littering must stop, and illegal dumping must stop. The fines for illegal dumping have raised and we are going to ensure that people who are guilty of such actions will feel the brunt of the law. When you see someone's house flooded up to waist and chest level, it is heartbreaking. And so, it is our responsibility to control the manmade contributors to this problem. We are taking a zero tolerance stance on illegal dumping.”


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