Funding has been made available to schools

At a recent Media Conference, President  of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teacher’s Association  (TTUTA) stated that some eighty-six (86) government primary schools were not receiving funding to cover costs for basic supplies. The representative body of the majority of teachers across Trinidad and Tobago also stated that if schools could not receive monies to purchase items such as white board markers, teachers would be asked not to report for duty at schools. Minister of Education the Honourable Anthony Garcia questioned the motive of the potential call for teachers to absconded from their responsibilities which would leave students disadvantaged greatly.

Responding to both the statement made by TTUTA and an urgent question in the Senate yesterday, Minister Garcia outlined that the sum of $3,150,000 was disbursed to 126 Government Primary Schools earlier in the financial year. However, an additional request for releases in the sum of $850,000 has been submitted to the Budget Division of the Ministry of Finance in order to meet shortfalls which have arisen, to purchase supplies. The termly grant to Government Assisted Primary schools has been paid for Term I and II and the Ministry is awaiting releases to pay term III. 

The annual requisite  in the amount of $8,499,752.42 was paid to all Primary schools.

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is committed to a cohesive approach to governance and all arms are working to ensure that any possible disruptions to teaching and learning are mitigated and, where possible, erase totally.

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