Favourable terms and conditions for staff under TTRA

Minister of Finance, the Honourable Colm Imbert

The Minister of Finance has taken note of statements made in an article in the Express of Friday January 19th, 2018, entitled “Potential for abuse at TTRA”, arising from a recent forum hosted by the Couva/Pt. Lisas Chamber of Commerce.

In that article a number of inaccurate and misleading statements were made.

Dr. Claude Denbow SC is quoted as saying that unless the promise that workers would be transferred to the proposed new Revenue Authority on the same terms and conditions is written into legislation - rather than merely being promised in a press release - they would not be the same. However, there is no issue as to whether the TTRA Legislation will allow workers the option to transfer out of the public service into the TTRA on terms no less favourable than they currently enjoy. This provision will most certainly be in the law and this fact has been made clear by the Ministry of Finance repeatedly. It is therefore surprising that (based on the article) this is being queried by Dr. Denbow at this stage, since it is not in contention.

In the same article, the President of the PSA is quoted as saying that the Minister of Finance gave no assurances in meetings with him regarding preservation of pensions and permanency of employment for workers who opt to transfer to the proposed TTRA. However, the statements attributed by Mr. Duke are entirely erroneous.

The reality is that the Minister of Finance made it clear in meetings with the PSA, that the pensions of public servants who transfer to the TTRA will be preserved and until a pension plan is established in the TTRA, the workers will continue to enjoy the same pension benefits that they do at present. Further, after a pension plan is established, their pension benefits will be no less favourable than at present. Further, contrary to the statements attributed by Mr. Duke, the Minister made it clear that workers who opt to transfer to the TTRA will enjoy security of tenure.


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Hon. Colm Imbert
Minister of Finance


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