Extensive repairs were completed to house visually impaired students

April 3rd, 2018 The Ministry of Education is committed to ensuring that the students of the School for Blind are accommodated in an environment that is safe and conducive to curriculum delivery.


Extensive repairs were completed at the old Five Rivers Secondary School to prepare five classrooms to house the visually impaired students, while repairs were also done to modify three other rooms to accommodate the principal’s office and staff room.


The Ministry of Education spent approximately one million dollars (1,000.000) to adequately address all infrastructural issues to make the facility ready for the students and staff. Repairs began on Saturday 16th September, 2017 and were completed on Saturday 18th November, 2017. These works included electrical repairs such as installation of new light bulbs, repairs to wall sockets and rewiring. Toilet and water lines were repaired and classrooms were sanitised and painted. Hand railings were also installed for the visually impaired students.


The eleven students and five teachers were relocated from the temporary accommodation at the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago (NALIS) in Port-of-Spain to the old Five Rivers Secondary School building. A School Supervisor I (one) from the St. George East Education District has been  assigned to this facility to ensure a smooth relocation process of staff and students.


Ministry of Education continues to engage the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) to transport students to and from the facility. These students also benefit from the breakfast and lunches provided under the National Schools Dietary Services Limited (NSDSL).


The Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education assures that every effort was made to ensure that the students from the School for Blind are comfortably housed at the present facility.


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