Education ministry meets with denominational boards

Fifteen (15) Denominational Boards of Education were represented in a meeting held at the Ministry of Education Head Office in Port of Spain on Tuesday 23rd January 2018. The meeting was called by Minister of Education Anthony Garcia to address concerns presented by the Denominational Boards of Education with the proposed standardized primary schools registration form. The discussions focused on securing the religious mandates of each of the Boards, and the Ministry’s commitment through the agreements made in the Concordat of 1960.

A sub-committee is now being established comprising members of the Denominational Boards and the Ministry of Education who will be responsible for the review and agreement on a standardized form that will meet the requirements of both stakeholders. Both the Boards and the Ministry have agreed that the practice of long lines outside of school compounds for registration forms must be eliminated immediately. It was agreed that the Boards will take a critical interest and instruct principals of the schools they represent to ensure that no parent is made to experience the embarrassment of lining up at 4:00 a.m for a registration form.

Minister Garcia has pledged to uphold all aspects and commitments of the Concordat in accordance with the law, as it is the intention of this Government to ensure that all children have equal access to education.

Dr. Lovell Francis, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, The Strategic Executive Team and other officials of the Ministry were a part of the two hours long meeting. The established committee is expected to convene a meeting within the coming fortnight to have the form reviewed and prepared for dissemination.



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