Education Minister says students are benefiting from Ministry initiatives

Ms. Amia Conrad-Christopher Project Lead- Penmanship With A Purpose Hon Anthony Garcia Minister of Education and Ms. Annisia Hosein Project Lead

Two initiatives being undertaken by the Ministry of Education in Primary and Secondary schools are benefitting students positively. The Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister Education says these initiatives are Penmanship with a Purpose and Clinical Supervision.


According to Minister Garcia, the Ministry is supporting teachers and students in these initiatives at all levels. “We have been talking quite a lot over the last few weeks about efforts to ensure that children within our schools are properly taught and we have put things in place to support our students from Infants One,  right on  to Sixth Form in Secondary schools, we have done quite a lot and we have achieved remarkable success, in fact I am quite sure, when this year’s results, at the SEA, CSEC & CAPE are released, we will see a marked improvement in the performance of our students,” he said.


Identifying the issue of Clinical Supervision, Ministry Garcia says it has never been expected or designed to be punitive, but is always an effort to assist teachers in the development of their pedagogical skills and delivery. “When we talk about Clinical Supervision and we look at a teacher in the classroom, it isn’t only the imparting of knowledge to the students, but most importantly it is the reception to that knowledge that is being parted by the teachers and therefore everything that occurs in a classroom or outside of actual teaching, forms part of Clinical Supervision.” he noted.    


Minister Garcia assures that Curriculum Officers will visit all schools on a more regular basis to meet with teachers and provide the necessary support and feedback in order to ensure that quality teaching takes place in the classroom.


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