Dr Rowley urges people not to nurture wrong-doing

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

Today, Wednesday 15th May 2019, Prime Minister Dr the Honourable Keith Rowley was among those who attended the funeral service of John Mills and his wife Eulyn John. Mills was a classmate and lifelong friend of Prime Minister Rowley. 

The couple were victims of a double murder which took place at their home on May 2nd 2019 in Tobago. At the funeral, they were eulogised by friends, family members and colleagues as upstanding citizens who impacted their community and the nation in positive and tangible ways. 

It was noted that Mills mentored and helped train athletes who went on to represent Trinidad and Tobago internationally, always with the support of his wife.

On addressing the congregation Prime Minister Rowley lamented the loss of two fine citizens. He noted that all right-thinking citizens bleed on the inside when we see how hatred and violence have taken root in our society.

He said that somewhere in Tobago, somebody knows what happened and indeed, someone in the very congregation today may know what took place on that tragic day. 

Dr Rowley urged the people to not nourish wrong-doing in their families, communities and by extension, the nation. He said this is of critical importance if we are to bring the perpetrator/s of this and other crimes to justice.

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