Denominational Boards’ Input Critical for Recommendations on the Way Forward for SEA and the Concordat

The Ministry of Education has noted the concerns shared in the media, that Denominational Boards are not represented on the Committee formed to make specific recommendations on the way forward for SEA and the Concordat.  The Ministry of Education takes this opportunity to express that the Denominational Boards of Education are our key stakeholders, and will form part of an important sub-group that the substantive committee will engage.

Representation is present on the committee from religious bodies and denominational schools, and further clarification and refining of feedback from Boards, received during the National Consultation of 2020, will be a critical part of the committee's work, which involves examination of the very agreement by which the Boards' schools are governed.

The Ministry of Education assures the Denominational Boards of Education that this review process will not happen without the direct engagement with and contribution from, all member groups.

Additionally, the MOE takes the opportunity to correct, once again, an inaccurate and most unfortunate statement, quoted in the article, which seeks to discount the commitment and investment of stakeholders across Trinidad and Tobago who have collaborated with the Ministry of Education to deliver over 19,000 devices to approximately five hundred (500) schools, with distribution ongoing. Devices have been distributed to both government and denominational schools at both the primary and secondary levels in all Education Districts. We take this opportunity, once again, to thank the members of corporate Trinidad and Tobago, NGOs, and even private citizens, who continue to make this investment in the future of our country, our children.

The Ministry of Education looks forward to continued collaboration with all our valued stakeholders, our village, as together we work to transform education in Trinidad and Tobago. 


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