Clinical supervision is not personal jottings

Consistent with the Ministry of Education’s thrust, the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) has recognised Clinical Supervision as an “excellent professional development tool to improve teachers’ practice”.

Clinical Supervision supports effective implementation of the national curricula in schools. Indeed,  Clinical Supervision is a collaborative process during which a teacher is provided with feedback and support from a Head of Department/Senior Teacher to enhance his/her instruction in order to improve student learning. The Ministry wishes to emphasise that Clinical Supervision is never to be used for evaluation or making judgments about any teacher.  Rather, it provides necessary support to teachers for effective lesson planning.

Given the critical importance of proper lesson planning to ensure effective teaching, the Ministry of Education disagrees with TTUTA’s position that “Lessons Notes...  are personal jottings to aid them in their delivery of the curriculum”, as indicated in their most recent Staff Representative Advisory.

Among their duties and responsibilities, teachers are required to plan a programme of learning, and activities to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of students in accordance with the established curriculum. This includes the preparation of schemes of work which guide the implementation of the curriculum and lesson notes which define specific areas/topics to be covered.

Additionally, teachers are responsible for preparing lessons and delivering instructions to students, guided by an approved programme. This includes the preparation of charts, diagrams and other general teaching aids and the use of appropiate teaching methods, techniques and strategies such as lectures, discussions, demostrations. It’s clear that all these requirements cannot be captured adequately by “personal jottings”.

The Ministry of Education will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure that the Clinical Supervision process in all schools is impactful, successful and has the greatest benefit for all teachers and ultimately for students in all schools.   



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