CEPEP Company Limited clarifies: CEO and Corporate Secretary did not receive increased salary payments

September 8th, 2020 – Following the Sunday Guardian’s front page headline entitled “CEPEP $$ Scandal” and article entitled “Money flowing at CEPEP”, the very same Editor has continued to spread misinformation with the publication of another article entitled “CEPEP probes $0.22 million payout to execs”.

The Chairman of The CEPEP Company Limited, Ms. Marilyn Michael states categorically that the CEO, Mr. Keith Eddy and the Corporate Secretary, Mrs. Nicole Gopaulsingh are NOT the beneficiaries of the monies quoted in the Guardian on-line and print articles.

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) finance documents ,so brazenly published on the front page of the  Guardian newspaper, were generated based on an in-house accounting error which was recognized on August 19th 2020 and was rectified on 1st September, 2020, before the series of articles were published  by the said media house.

The Chairman reiterates that neither the CEO nor the Corporate Secretary has benefitted from any additional salary payments from the Company. The Company also calls on the management of the Trinidad Guardian to practice responsible journalism by verifying the information it receives before it attempts to malign the character of upstanding citizens and bring disrepute to the Company.

As stated previously, the CEO and Corporate Secretary will be proceeding with legal action against Guardian Media Limited and its Lead Business Editor.



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