Boots & Coots now on-Board

The response team treating with the leaking oil-well in the Gulf of Paria has been strengthened with the arrival overnight of two senior well-control engineers from Boots & Coots Services, one of the leaders in the global energy industry for well control services.

The company boasts of over 40 years’ knowledge and experience in addressing the industry’s most challenging well control problems – onshore, offshore and subsea.
On Monday and Tuesday, representatives from Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) attended meetings at the incident command centre and were involved in containment exercises.

With the additional support from Boots & Coots, the response team will now be better able to treat with the two main aspects of the job - well control, and containment and clean-up.

Aerial and marine surveillance continue to indicate that there is no visible contamination of the shoreline between Orange Field and Cedros. The wildlife specialist engaged to rescue and rehabilitate contaminated birds and other wildlife will continue to conduct nearshore and on-land patrols.

The maritime advisory to marine craft operators remain in effect and the Ministry urges sea-farers to comply with the advisory as there will be a ramping-up of activity around the site in the coming days.

Further updates will be provided as additional information comes to hand.


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