Beware of housing scams appearing as “deals”

On Tuesday July 09, the HDC was made aware of a post on Facebook which advertises a property on "Lot #15 A Plaisance Park Mayaro" for sale for $370,000. The Facebook post further advises that all necessary documents including a deed of comfort, will be provided upon sale. A counterfeit and misleading HDC receipt is also included on the post. The post is a scam and citizens are advised to beware of this and other similar attempts.

Over the past year, nefarious individuals have used a range of tactics on social media platforms to prey on applicants. In light of this, and in relation to this specific incident, the HDC wishes to reiterate that if one is approached to purchase an HDC property, it is important to conduct the necessary background checks and visit the HDC to confirm whether it is a legitimate transaction. Further, the HDC will never advertise its state-subsidised housing properties for sale in the press or via social media platforms (unless sanctioned, in the case of Victoria Keyes). Citizens are further advised that the HDC is the sole entity which can authorize the sale of any of its housing units.

Citizens are also reminded that all business transactions related to housing allocations are conducted at the HDC’s Head Office on South Quay, Port of Spain. Payments for housing units are made at the Cashier’s unit in full view of the cameras.

We at the HDC understand the importance of shelter to those who require the state’s assistance. However, this need must not make one turn a blind eye to housing "deals" which in reality may be housing scams. Citizens are further asked to be vigilant and exercise caution when reviewing housing opportunities. 

Anyone who believes that he/she may have been a victim of a housing scam related to public (HDC) housing, should immediately contact the Fraud Squad Division of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

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