Beetham actions: A renewed purpose for the Schools’ Improvement Project

The actions of a few cannot be used to classify an entire group or community of people. On the heels of the unfortunate incident within the Beetham Gardens community where Member of Parliament for Laventille West, Fitzgerald Hinds was subjected to blatant disrespect on the part of residents, it has prompted within me a zeal to ensure that the young and impressionable minds across Trinidad and Tobago know that there are better ways to resolve issues. Looking on at the way these residents acted, reiterated why the Ministry of Education and the government has invested so heavily into initiatives such as the Laventille/Morvant Schools’ Improvement Project (LMSIP) to give our young people a better alternative.

As a Member of Parliament myself I understand what it entails to try to work within a community, to try to serve your constituents while also trying to manage the responsibilities of a Ministerial portfolio and I commend my cabinet colleague for his efforts yesterday. Who I take umbrage with at this time are the persons who did not think on the example that they would be setting for the younger minds around them. For the past two (2) years the Ministry of Education has been working on the LMSIP to give students, teachers, parents and members of the community more opportunities through emphasis on; literacy and numeracy, parenting in education, infrastructural development and safety and security. Through this initiative it is our hope at the Ministry and at the level of government that students will see that they have the ability to exceed any expectations that may be put before them.

My hope as we move forward ve is to ensure that our young people do not emulate these actions and that we change within the minds of all students and young people the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy. Our students must be able to rise above the stigma that may be associated with their communities based on the actions of a few. As Minister of Education I stand ready and resolute that the Ministry of Education will not be daunted but is now invigorated to ensure that the actions of the past will not be replicated by the young people who will become our future.


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