Arrangements at the Town and Country Planning Division (TCPD) for the Period August 03, 2020 to August 14, 2020

In light of recent developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and in compliance with the new public health regulations, public access to all of the Offices of the Town and Country Planning Division (TCPD) has been restricted. In an effort to continue serving the public, the following interim measures for the period August 03, 2020 to August 14, 2020 are applicable:

  1. Submission of Applications - “Drop Boxes” will continue to be used at each Regional Office to facilitate the submission of NEW applications and Complaint Matters. Members of the public are reminded that applications must satisfy the guidelines provided by the Town and Country Planning Division. It is imperative that the envelopes be sealed and that an email address be included in the package.  Receipts will be scanned and emailed to applicants. 
  1. Public Day/Meetings / Discussions with Officers – In order to avoid members of the public physically visiting the Town and Country Planning Division’s offices in Port of Spain, Tunapuna, San Fernando and Tobago, the public is advised to schedule appointments via telephone or email (see contact information below). Appointments will be scheduled based on the specific circumstances of the request or inquiry. Where possible, staff of the TCPD will arrange to meet with applicants using available virtual platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
  1. Collection of Responses - Applicants will be contacted by the relevant Regional Offices with respect to the collection of responses to applications.
  1. Application Forms - Application forms are available online via
  1. Online Submissions - Applicants in Port of Spain, Diego Martin and within the jurisdiction of the San Juan Laventille Regional Corporation have access to the paperless construction application system, DevelopTT.  The DevelopTT pilot was launched on March 02, 2020 before the national stay at home measures and is presently functioning. Applicants in the region of County Caroni (T5) are also encouraged to use the system.


Contact Information

Regional Offices

Telephone Numbers


E-Mail Addresses


(Please ensure that all of the officers from the respective Offices are notified in your E-Mail)


612 – 3000

Ext. 2165, 2160


652 - 7989


663- 2726


639 - 2663



Ext 2701


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