All public health facilities up and running after heavy downpour

The Ministry of Health advises that all public health facilities (including hospitals and health centres) throughout the country are open and adequately staffed to accommodate visits. There have been no reports of hospitals or other public health facilities being closed due to the heavy downpour that impacted most of the island on Sunday 1st, July 2018.

Persons wishing to access health facilities within their region are advised that the opening and closing hours remain the same and the range of health services offered at the respective institutions have not been adjusted.

Members of the public are also advised to monitor the news for flood updates as they may have to alter their routes to access the health institutions by avoiding communities and roadways affected by heavy run-off. The public is further advised to cater for minor traffic delays as a result of the subsiding waters.

The Ministry of Health continues to make every effort to ensure that the country’s health services are of the highest standard and remain fully operational and accessible to all members of the public. The Ministry of Health remains committed to a Healthy Me, a Healthy You and a Healthy Trinidad and Tobago.


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