All 50 blood samples tested for malaria are negative

The Ministry of Health, through the Insect Vector Control Division (IVCD), advises the public that all 50 smears (blood samples) taken from residents of the Cedros area have all tested negative for malaria.

As per protocol, on Monday 27th August, 11 persons were tested through the use of blood smears and all 11 came back negative for malaria. On Tuesday 29th August, 39 persons were also tested for this purpose and these results have also returned negative.

The public is reminded that taking blood smears and examination of these under a microscope remains the standard for diagnosing malaria.  The Ministry of Health (MoH) assures the public that the IVCD continues its routine activities for the surveillance and control of mosquito borne diseases in targeted areas throughout Trinidad and Tobago by: 

1.    Treating Homes: Field Officers of the IVCD will inspect and treat homes and communities where mosquito breeding is suspected. This treatment include the use of thermal fogging for adult forms of the mosquito, use of Aquatain for killing mosquito larvae and pupae in water containers and use of Bactivec to kill mosquito larvae in waterways and water containers. Aquatain and Bactivec are agents approved by the World Health Organisation for use and are safe for humans and the environment when appropriately applied.

2.    Surveillance and testing for malaria: These activities continue, as they form part of the routine operations of the Ministry of Health in the fight against mosquito borne diseases.

The Ministry of Health re-assures the public that their health and wellbeing is of paramount importance and all the necessary resources continue to be taken to control all insect vector borne diseases in Trinidad and Tobago.


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